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Fairy Party Games & Activities

Fairy Party Games are lots of fun and need not be difficult to organise or expensive.  It’s easy to convert traditional party games to a fairy theme or to create a completely new fairy activity.  Here are some fairy ideas to get you started.

  • Have a simple fairy activity for your guests to enjoy as they arrive that doesn’t need everyone to be there or require much adult input.  Perhaps you could set up a colouring in table with fairy pictures and lots of colouring pencils and pens. 
  • Fairies love the outdoors, so if you have a garden then make good use of it.  Create a magic fairy circle in the garden with a toadstool at the centre.  If you don’t have a proper fairy toadstool then a red cushion or cloth with white stickers stuck on for spots will give your guests the idea!
  • Start the party with a game of Musical Toadstools.  The rules and aim are the same as the game as musical chairs, but with toadstools instead!  Paint large, white spots onto red paper tablecloths and scatter them around the party room or garden.  You could use pebbles or stones to weigh your “toadstools” down.  
  • Feed the Fairy: If you’re feeling arty get a large cardboard box (boxes for microwaves, TVs, fridges are brilliant for this). Paint a picture of a fairy’s head and shoulders with her mouth wide open with laughter. Cut out the laughing mouth to leave a nice big hole. Your fairy guests (in 2 teams) then try to ‘feed the fairy’ by throwing ‘food’ into her mouth from a distance. Fairy food can be plastic play food that you probably already have, beanbags or tennis balls wrapped in pretty crepe paper to make giant fairy bonbons.
  • How about a “Find the Fairies” game.  Print some lovely fairy pictures (perhaps you’ll find some you like on this site) , stick them onto card then hide them in the garden.  Or perhaps you could paint some stones pink and decorate with glitter for your fairy guests to hunt for.
  • Pick of the Fairies: Print two sets of four to six lovely fairy pictures and stick them onto card. Place one set in plain sight around the garden.  Shuffle the others and keep them face down. As the music plays, your fairy guests dance about.  When the music stops they each choose to stand with a fairy picture.  Pick a card from the fairy pack.  Those who chose the card that comes up are out.  The winner is the last fairy still dancing.
  • Where’s the fairy treasure:  Create a large fairyland map (just the outline with a couple of basic features to get it started is enough). On the back pencil a small cross for where the treasure is hidden. On the front encourage the children to be totally imaginative and add more features to the fairyland map. When they’ve finished creating the map, each fairy guest sticks a small gold star where they think the treasure is hidden (writing their names beside them). The star nearest the pencilled cross on the back wins.
  • Fairies love fabulous stories.   Do you have a willing teenager (or adult!) who would be happy to dress up as the Fairy Queen?  Invite your young fairy guests to sit in the magic fairy circle while the Fairy Queen tells them the story of her journey from her home to the fairy party today.  Or perhaps the Fairy Queen could read to your guests from an appropriate fairy book.
  • Decorating Fairy Biscuits.  Provide your fairy guests with some fairy biscuits you’ve made earlier (we have lovely fairy biscuit cutters), tubes of icing and lots of bits for decorating and sprinkling.  Let them get on with decorating their own biscuits and try not to control the outcome too much.  Perhaps you could wrap them and add to their party bag so they can take their own biscuit home?  And if you don’t have time for biscuit baking, rich tea biscuits will work just as well.
  • Decorate Your Own Fairy Tiara or Fairy Wand.  Cut out a fairy crown shape and provide a table with pens, glitter, glue, sequins, feathers, gemstones and anything else fabulous to make totally unique fairy accessories.  Again, don’t try to control the outcome too much – every fairy has her own individual sense of style!
  • How about some traditional party games with a fairy theme?  Pin the Wand on the Fairy?  Draw the outline a real life-size fairy then blindfold each of your fairy guests while they try to pin the wand to the fairy’s hand.  Or a fairy version of Musical Statues?  Play some fabulous fairy music while your fairy guests practice their fairy flying and fluttering.  Or Fairy Freeze (what fairies call Stuck in the Mud).  Give one fairy a special “freeze” wand and another a special “set free” wand.  The perfect game for using up excess fairy energy before fairy tea time!


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