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Fairy Party Food

Fairies like fine and fabulous party food.  With just a little imagination you can easily create a sumptuous fairy feast, or a delicious fairy picnic for a sunny birthday.

  • Obviously you’ll need fairy cakes.  Or cupcakes smothered in lashings of pink icing and decorated with sprinkles, tiny sweets or edible glitter.
  • Fairy sandwiches of soft white bread buttered then sprinkled with hundreds and thousands.  Use fairy cookie cutters to make into lovely fairy shapes.  Toadstool shaped sandwiches perhaps?
  • Fairy Fruit Salad.  Thread chunks of fruit such as strawberries, apple and pineapple alternated with fluffy marshmallows onto skewers.
  • Make Pink Fairy Fizz by adding a drop of red food colouring to lemonade to turn it the palest fairy pink.
  • Everything little and dainty.  Little sandwiches, little pizza, little tartlets are all easy for little fingers to handle.

There’s no limit to your imagination where fairy parties are concerned!


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