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Fairy Invitations & Decorations

Firstly you need to create a fabulous invitations to invite your friends to come to your fairy party.  You can buy lots of lovely designs or with a bit of time and imagination you can create your own.  How about cutting out your favourite fairy picture and sticking it onto the front of a card.   Make your invitations sparkle with some fabulous fairy glitter, sequins or stickers.  And don’t forget to tell your friends all the details of where the party is, when to arrive and most importantly, whether they should dress up!

Or if you fancy something different, how about cutting some red card into a toadstool shape.  You can stick white stickers onto the top to make toadstool spots.  You could add a sprinkle of fairy glitter to make your invitations really special.  And don’t forget to write all the party details on the back!


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