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About Us

Dear valued customer,

At Fairies & Friends we shamelessly indulge every little girls' love of all things pink, sparkly and “fairy”!

Fairies & Friends is our wonderful online shop full of fabulous fairy and princess gifts. We draw our inspiration and sense of fun from the surrounding woodlands and wide open spaces, and we believe in indulging children’s natural enthusiasm for imagination play with toys, games and activities that inspire and delight. 

In these days of computer games and consoles, we aspire to deliver the clothes, toys and games that can give children the very same sort of care free days we all enjoyed in our own childhoods, and that today's children are all too often missing out on. At Fairies & Friends we promise to search high and low to find only the very best in wonderful gifts and games that adults will love to give, and children will love to receive.

We hope you enjoy Fairies & Friends as much as we do. 

The Fairy Queen.

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